February Luncheon!

feb-lunch-slideWho doesn’t love the 80’s?

You know you once were the queen of big hair and should have bought stock in Aqua Net back in the day. You thought Billy Idol was hot and wanted to be Madonna! Gag me with a spoon was a common request and the you had all the words memorized to Sixteen Candles.  If any of these statements were true you can not miss our February luncheon on the 10th! We will be out at the beautiful Richmond Hill City Center for a scrumptious buffet and playing Bunco for some totally awesome prizes.  Dress in your best 80’s attire and lets see who has the biggest 80’s hair!  To make it more interesting lets share photos! Do you have a picture of your 80’s look? Post them on our Facebook page and lets all have some fun!


This month we will be helping out BOSS. Please bring travel size toiletries for our single soldiers.