Derby Hat Making Party

march-lunchLets get ready for the March Luncheon with some good old crafting fun! Are you going to have the best Derby Hat???? There will be two dates you can decorate your hat. One on Fort Stewart and one in Richmond Hill. Don’t miss the fun or the luncheon!


Marne Derby Hat Making Party
Our Next Luncheon
will be a Marne Derby
St. Patrick’s Style
where we will wear
Derby Hats & Green

  • Fort Stewart : 2March at Sarah Basham’s house,
    6 Sunflower St
    Richmond Hill : 5March at the North Buckhead Clubhouse
    Time: Both locations 10-Noon
    What to Bring: I’ll bring my glue gun and you bring any or all your odds and ends that you can use or swap with others to make the ultimate Derby Hat! Don’t forget to bring a creative heart, a joyous attitude and a BIG smile!