Deployment, It happens.

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As an army spouse chances are you & your family have experienced a deployment, chances are you may experience another one. Hands down every spouse would say the hardest part is not having your spouse with you day in and day out. However, deployments can be harder if you are not prepared. ACS will be holding a deployment expo on 29 March from 1PM – 7:30PM at Club Stewart. As a spouse it is important that you be just as prepared as your counterpart to handle the mission.  ACS will have over 20 agencies that can play a major factor in assisting your prior, during and after a deployment. Having your affairs in order and knowing the who, what, where, when, why and how prior to a deployment can remove any unnecessary stress. If your spouse will be deploying in the next 90 days you will not want to miss this event. This will not substitute deployment briefings, but instead be a one stop shop for everything you need to prepare for a deployment with less stress. This expo is the first of a quarterly expo that will be ongoing. If you have questions contact Tonya at