2017-2018 Slate Announcement

This year’s Nominating Committee met and has put forth the following slate for your Executive Board for 20017-2018

President: Mrs. Nina Ellison

2nd Vice President: Mrs. Maggie O’Connor

Treasurer: Mrs. Laura Theising

During our April Luncheon this slate will be presented by written ballot. The positions of 1st Vice President and Secretary are open and nominations will be taken for those and any other Executive Board position.  General Members who are present at the luncheon will vote and the new Executive Board will be ceremoniously “sworn in” at the May Luncheon.

If you have a strong background in sales and fundraising and want to know more about the position of 1st Vice, contact Leigh at President@MarneCommunityClub.com

Do you have attention to detail and want to be a part of the executive team? MCSC Secretary might be the positon for you. The secretary records the minutes of each meeting and is a vital role in the support system of the club.


Congratulations Nina, Maggie and Laura on your nomination.  We look forward to seeing everyone in April for the vote.