April Luncheon

Winter Blues Getting You Down?

Well, not that we have had much of a winter this year in beautiful Coastal Georgia, but what shakes off the winter blues better than breaking out your flip flops? A luau!

Break out your Hawaiian and coastal casual beach attire and come to our fun beach party!  This is a lunch you will not want to miss. Not only will we be voting on our 2017-18 MCSC Executive Board, this will also be Mrs. Rainey’s last luncheon as General Rainey will be changing command on May 8th.  You will want to make sure you come vote and say farewell!

Our Community Outreach is Club, the youth ministry formerly known as Club Beyond. They are in need of used gaming systems, accessories and games that are appropriate for playing in groups and of course rated for youth.

We hope to see you there!