The MCSC is a non-profit social and welfare organization whose mission is to support Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield families and the greater Marne community. Each year our club contributes to the local community and military families in the form of community outreach, academic scholarships and welfare grants.  We can only do this by support of our fundraising events.

This year we plan to go even beyond the benchmarks set in the last few years. We hope you will be a part of our success.

We are excited about meeting new friends and welcoming old. This year we will be celebrating friendship and more importantly, what we can give back to our beautiful community.  Membership is open to all DoD ID cardholders as well as members of the surrounding Marne Community. We encourage retired spouses to join us and offer their wisdom. Our meetings will be held alternatively at Fort Stewart and The Richmond Hill City Center the second Tuesday of each month at 11am.  The cost is typically $16 and includes lunch and activity.  General Membership is $25 per year.

We are excited to announce that day care will be available! The YMCA in Richmond Hill will provide care for 4 hours $8 per child when the lunch is held at Fort Stewart and 3 hours at $6 per child when luncheons are at Richmond Hill. When you purchase your lunch you can purchase your child care as well.

Why Should You Be A Part of MCSC?

  • To be part of an organization that gives back to the community in so many ways.
  • To have fun while you make life-long friends.
  • To volunteer at a variety of events.
  • To enjoy entertaining lunches with a fun group of people.
  • To get information and purchase products from home based businesses/vendors.
  • To participate in special functions that we have planned throughout the year.
  • To shop from Ways and Means, where there is a ton of new and exciting Marne affiliated and one-of-a-kind items.
  • To have access to the MCSC Property Room, chock-full of items to rent to make your next party or event a breeze.
  • To make your time here at Fort Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield even better!